Pop Up Cinema Presents: a new look!


On the longest day of the year, June 21, we launch our brand new corporate identity and website. The Vormforensen take us along in the design.

De Vormforensen is an Arnhem-based graphic design agency founded by Anne-Marie Geurink and Annelou van Griensven. De Vormforensen specializes in visualizing social impact for companies that dare to change perspective. They work for clients who see the importance of sustainability, social impact or equality. Pop Up Cinema asked the studio to renew our visiual identity and website to better reflect who we are. The Vormforensen talk about how they approached this.

Movement and light
Pop up Cinema's new identity is based on the natural movement of light. This nomadic film house originated from Solar Cinema ten years ago, in which solar energy was essential. Not to mention that film does not exist without a light source. One of the important references that inspired us was pin hole photography. A form of photography in which the movement of the sun is essential. The new visual identity is built from the color spectrum of day and night. Programmer and designer Janine Zielman built a website in which the position of the sun is visible connected to the time and dates of our events. This makes the website dynamic and connected to the position of the sun in various ways.

Website as a tool
The website is built as a generator in which we generate color and shape based on date and time. This makes the live position of the sun visible on various pages of the website. The website is a tool for generating images for all our expressions. The color combinations and moment of the sun ensure that the course of the seasons becomes visible when you browse through our events.

Dynamic logo
The horizontal lines on the website, but also in the logo, refer to the horizon and the rising and setting sun. The logo has become as dynamic as our programming. Pop up Cinema works together with various partners with whom we organize film screenings. This has now been made more visible.

Green hosting
As a design studio, De Vormforensen stands for sustainability and social impact. They chose green and sustainable parties to host the website and send out the newsletter. The website is built with a block system that limits amounts of data processed and used to what you only really use and need.