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Wandering around Assisië

25.11.202311:00 uur
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Location Pandaplein 1, 5074 NA Biezenmortel

Pop Up Cinema will be located at Landpark Assisië on Saturday, November 25th. Together with performance company Zwermers we will provide an evening-filling program including (short) film.

Film program

BABA and NOBU are two short films in a series of three short documentaries created in collaboration with fashion designer Lisa Konno. This trilogy features stylized portraits of migrant fathers in the Netherlands.

Blok and Konno were surprised by how social documentaries are often presented with stern seriousness and realism, by contrast they want to show how aesthetics and humor can also make a meaningful contribution to the genre. They shift the focus from what is told to how it is told because they believe that that’s the area where the documentary genre has the opportunity to differentiate itself from journalism.

NOBU, 2018, 9 minutes

NOBU is a short film about former karate champion and Japanese immigrant Nobuaki Konno. His daughter, fashion designer Lisa Konno, talks to him on camera about their cultural differences. 

In the film he wears a collection of clothes that Lisa made for him, based on his Dutch rain suits and Japanese kimonos. This collection reflects on Dutch and Japanese identity, caricatures, cultural misunderstandings and the hype surrounding Japan. At the same time it sketches an intimate portrait of her father as an immigrant. The designs are based on items from Nobu's closet, such as his old promotional T-shirts, vintage kimonos and his favorite raincoat. NOBU is a film that examines the complexity of migration from the perspective of a migrant who has never experienced it as such.

BABA, 2021, 13 minutes

The short documentary film BABA is a stylized portrait of one of the first Turkish immigrants in the Dutch cultural sector, Ceylan Utlu. Ceylan moved from Turkey to the Netherlands over forty years ago to enrich his left-wing ideology with Western knowledge. After receiving the education he wanted, he wanted to travel back to make himself useful to his own country. His half-Turkish, half-Dutch daughter wonders why things didn't go the way he had planned. In BABA Ceylan is interviewed by his daughter amid a colorful fashion collection inspired by his life. Topics like immigration, integration, relationships and loneliness are discussed during this conversation between father and daughter.

Sarah Blok

Filmmaker Sarah Blok writes and directs narrative stories, her work mainly features the complexity of our modern society. She focuses on investigating social dynamics and how we as humans navigate them. She often views these themes through the lens of, for example, gender, income, origin and class.

BABA and NOBU are two films in a series of three short documentaries created in collaboration with fashion designer Lisa Konno. This trilogy focuses on the out-of-the-box stories of migrants in the Netherlands.

Sarah's work has been featured at the IFFR, Winterthur Film Festival and the Dutch Design Week and has been shown in the Stedelijk Museum, Rijksmuseum and the Tropenmuseum. 

Other program

Project Baraguda

With Project Baraguda, musician Rob van Barschot immerses you in his new work on the GUDA, a unique drum instrument that can best be described as a hybrid of the tongue drum and the handpan. Earlier this year, Rob played at the medieval fantasy festival Castlefest.

Pan~//Catwalk 55+

“Who is in your wardrobe?”

This question was asked to fifteen members of Huis van Vervoering, a creative breeding ground for performing arts for people over 55 in The Hague. The outcome: a group portrait about the versatility of these people, who they are, who they were, and what inhabiting an aging body means for your freedom of expression. Zwermers has been working on the ongoing project Pan~// Catwalk, about clothing and identity, since 2018

Music from the Diaphragm: A selection from the music history of Tilburg

Music lovers Dennis Bernaerts and Joris van Laak delve into the rich history of Tilburg through an unique archive of audio gems from 1930 to 2020. Expect to move your hips with music from throughout the years!

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