CineMachine Festival // film, performance & more

25.05.202413:00 uur
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Location Tramkade 20-24 5211 VB ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Start program 13.00
End program 22.00

The Werkwarenhuis in Den Bosch will be transformed into a cinema and theater on Saturday the 25th of May 2024 for the second edition of the CineMachine Festival. CineMachine invites you to explore the world of film and beyond with screenings, music, performances, creators, and more.

Starting at 1:00 PM, immerse yourself in one of the many performances, attend a masterclass, or relax and enjoy a selection of short (student)films. CineMachine is an interdisciplinary film festival for both creators and film enthusiasts.

Center, Ring, Mall (short film, 17 minutes, 2023) & Q&A - Mateo Vega - film

During CineMachine, Pop Up Cinema will screen the experimental short film Center, Ring, Mall by Mateo Vega.

Mateo Vega is a filmmaker and artist from Peru, who grew up in Amsterdam. Mateo's work focuses on the subjective experience of (urban) space and the politics, history, and future connected to landscapes, architecture, and infrastructure. Mateo's films and installations have been shown internationally at festivals and venues such as MoMA and the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

In Center, Ring, Mall, urban infrastructure in America takes center stage: a data center, a ring road, and a decaying shopping mall. All three locations were built with a certain worldview: visions of the future and promises of progress that were not fulfilled. Instead, these places have become dilapidated examples of empty promises. Through multilingual texts, site-specific music, 16mm, and 3D images, the spaces are mapped and questioned on film.

FAQ: Filmmakers Asking Questions - KONKAV & Pop Up Cinema

The film industry can be complex, but you are not alone! Do you have questions about funding, distribution, screening your film, or talent development in Brabant? Together with KONKAV and talent scout Wensly Fransisco we are ready to answer your questions during the festival from 4:00 PM to 5:15 PM over a drink.

About Wensly Fransisco

Wensly is a documentary maker and Talent Coordinator at the NPO. He scouts and guides talents within the public broadcasting system.

About Konkav | AV-en Filmplatform

We make the extensive network of filmmakers in Brabant visible, promote collaborations, and encourage active knowledge exchange within the sector. 

Filmprogram CineMachine

Undergrowth (15 min) – Tim Ewalts

The ongoing struggle between two brothers escalates when their father insists they learn to become lumberjacks deep in a forest in Limburg. Graduation film by CineMachine presenter Tim Ewalts.

Als ik zelf de zon ben (26 min) – Naomi White
Pianist Djuwa Mroivili, an emerging talent, finds her way in the conservative, white music world.

Het karretje van Fabian (16 min) – Okki Poortvliet
A quirky artist builds his own cart to wander around the wide world.

Mural Hoofdstad (30 min) – Tamino Parren
Two local street artists try to add color to the gray image of the city of Heerlen.

Doodstil (6 min 30) – Sabine Rovers
In the far north of the Netherlands lies the small village of Doodstil. Here lives the nearly deaf and down-to-earth Bernardus: a man of few words. However, behind closed doors his house is anything but silent.

Beautiful mistakes (3 min) – Sam Wolting
Berry de Jong, a.k.a. Hoppiescotch, works in his studio with various old and new techniques on his audiovisual art. Experimentation is crucial, and mistakes do not exist.

My worst enemy (6 min) – Harrie Verbeek & Jelena Kostic
Sometimes you are your own biggest obstacle to achieving your goal. Dancer Noëmi Wagner portrays a struggling woman trying to achieve her ultimate goal in My Own Worst Enemy.

Interlude (11 min) – Harrie Verbeek & Jelena Kostic
Dancer Judit Ruiz Onandi plays Mary, a woman searching for her strength through three different eras. Choreography by Jelena Kostić.

’s Werelds grootste raketbouwer (11 min) – Okki Poortvliet
A hilarious portrait of artist Jippe Liefbroer. As a graduation project, he built a rocket.

Ik ben hier (5 min) – Cheyenne Goudswaard
The fear of being forgotten can be overwhelming but also motivating. We want to leave something behind. In Ik Ben Hier, characters search for connection and ways to contribute to the world, so their presence is felt and remembered.

No place for beginners or sensitive hearts (6 min) – Joep van Weelden
A visual ode to the Schieblok in Rotterdam.

Don’t Bend (9 min) – Anouk Suntjens

Relief (12 min) – Anouk Suntjes
As a result of a traumatic event, a dancer experiences dizziness for months. She slowly loses trust in her body. How can she regain it?

One day I will see the light (6 min) – Jottum Kok

Het broeit onder het glas (6 min) – Anouk Boekelder
Jeanine Verloop combines technology, glass, and sound to create delicate glass artworks. She uses speakers to make the glass sculptures move.

Future Creators // Short student films
CineMachine presents several short films by third-year students from the St. Joost School of Art and Design. From fictional films about the implications of ghosts to a look at what it’s like to live in isolation, a wide selection of exciting new work will be shown on the big screen.

Films by: Kartika Maas, Heba Bardan, Jonas van der Molen, Tijn Severin, Samil Cimen, Katalin Vos, Elja Hoogstrate, Nina Broers, Milan van Helvoort, Dirk van Eekelen, Micaela van der Heijden, Luuk Steenbeeke.

In addition to these films, there will also be short performances, masterclasses and other acts on the program

For the full program and tickets go to CineMachine.info