De Nieuwe Vorst

Shorts block | Kouwe Kermis Festival

23.07 - 23.07.202320:30 uur
Shorts block start 20:30

A cabinet of curiosities on the big screen

A new 'kind of festival' during the Tilburg Fair: the Kouwe Kermis.

From 21 to 30 July, kermis enthusiasts, kermis haters and everything in between can visit theatre de Nieuwe Vorst for a taste of something different. With the inner theatre garden as the heart of the festival, you can enjoy a program full of installations, performances, films, lectures, bands, art and spicy cotton candy for ten days.

On the 23rd of July Pop Up Cinema presents the Kouwe Kermis Klutsblok during the festival: a short film block with 5 films that will leave you completely confused in a good wat. From animated projects that are visually as spectacular as they are elusive to eerie moving images that surprise you. Do you dare to enter the red salon during the Tilburg Fair?

The Kermis Klutsblok can be seen continuously for free throughout the day of the Kouwe Kermis Festival.

The festival heart is accessible daily for free from 2 p.m. More info about the full lineup and tickets will follow. Want to know more about the Kouwe Kermis and the entire festival program? Click here.